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Puppy Culture...Cons?

My New Year resolution is to try and be more analytical of the material I read and information I acquire. This is not always easy but if all of us can find the scientific research on methods, ideas and beliefs then can we teach our dogs in kinder and more effective ways?

This past year, when I attended Dr. Kathy Murphy's lecture on "Neuroscience Sports Dog", she questioned some of the methods of the early stimulation of pups shared by the Puppy Culture movement. These methods, Early Neurological Stimulation or ENS, were first developed by the U. S. Military to improve performance and eventually picked up by breeders. Her concerns were that taking a pup away from its mother to expose them to some possibly fear creating stimulation may not be the best for all pups. Others, such as experienced breeders, have concerns of the pups not learning to teach themselves to self-calm. By no means are these people saying the information and techniques are all bad, not at all. Some of the concerns may be very valid. I have attached two links that might be helpful in becoming more comfortable about deciding about the use of these techniques.

The first link is for an article written by Jane Messineo Lindquist and second one is by Purdue College of Veterinary Medicine.

Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS): Implications for canine welfare and management

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